Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blue Boy's Mechanics

Here is my survival guide for bringing Blue Boy to fruition:
  1. Make the game as simple as possible as to keep it completable in 1 year.
  2. Keep the game mechanics as simple as possible.  No combo shots here.  Simple left, right, up, down, and shoot.
  3. Simple Graphics.  If I can't draw it or render it in Blender myself it ain't going in the game.  No Character should take more than 2 days to animate.
  4. Use as much free art as I can find.  I will only create original art when I have to (not just because I want to).

I am not really sure what the format of this Blog will be.  Sometimes I might post a graphic novel style description a level I am working on.  This will help to continue the story of Blue Boy.  Sometimes I might just blab/blog about some technical issue I am having with his game.  For tonight I decided to include a link to Blue Boy in its current state.  I have worked out a "Training Level" which walks the user through the basic mechanics of the game.

Here is what I have so far:


To date I have put about 1 and a half months into this effort.  I also worked out some rudimentary start and end screen that I am not at all pleased with.  I might spend time working on this next.  At the very least the end screen should have credits and some sort of summary of what happened during game play.  

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