Monday, March 18, 2013

Theme Music - Maybe

OK it is still Monday and here is my update:


This is Theme Music I created using instuments in my "home studio".  A fellow developer, Auntie Val, from one of the gaming sites has reviewed my game and suggested some possible theme songs from this location -

I might use one from there called Dark Mystery.  I sort of like the one I have but it has no driving beat like the stuff out there on audionautix.  And this brings me to another point.  I am breaking one of my survival rules.  I am not using much graphics or music from some of these freely available sites.  I guess the creative site of me can't help itself from doing much of this from scratch.  I do think the sound tracks on audionatix are way better.

I am getting some positive feedback on my game mostly around the art and animation.  I need to start sketching out level 2.  


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