Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet Blue Boy

I guess I will jot down an introduction to Blue Boy.

Blue Boy is basically the antithesis of one of my favorite Marvel Comic characters called The Silver Surfer.  The Silver Surfer had a primary goal of seeking out worlds to be consumed and destroyed by an astronomically powerful character named Galactus.  Unlike the Silver Surfer who was forced to play herald to a world gobbling super entity, Blue Boy's mission is to actually save worlds from destruction.  He is charged to do so by an intergalactic Senate.  Of course we will have to have a prequel game where we go into the origins of both Blue Boy and the Senate, but for now we start Blue Boy's story somewhere in the middle.

Blackberry: Men have always hated us. 
  Holly: No. They just destroyed the warren because we were in their way.  
Fiver: They'll never rest until they've spoiled the earth. 

-Watership Down

It is the year 2173 and the Earth has been taken over by the very machines they created to help make life more of a utopia. Not long after Earth's Point of Singularity was reached, humans lost control of innovation on their planet.  Machines were now the new innovators creating ever more fantastically horrific systems, and optimizing Bio Extraction with dire consequences.   With all non-renewable energy sources gone, these machines are using biotechnology to remain operational. Ordinarily biotechnology is a good thing, it can be made renewable and has endless possibilities.  But without a soul to measure their steps machines have gone to far and raped the Earth of most of its vegetation without any thought of replenishing it.  Until now we have been mentioning the machines as one nameless entity.  However there is a central control they call Crystal Gate.  Crystal Gate is composed of a series of subsystems each with its own dedicated task.  Oddly enough CG has sorted out a way to properly restore balance to the Earth and still have the energy they currently need.  However, having already discovered thousands of other planets and a means to reach them, they care less for Earth's outcome then a man eating a single grape cares for it when sitting down to eat an entire basket.  In either case Earth could never contain CG's lust for expansion.  It is this lust for expansion that has caught the notice of the Intergalactic Senate.   

What of humans?  What has happened to them in this new age...

Humans would have been wiped out long ago if it were not for an interesting technical twist of fate.  You see these machines are not completely composed of wires and metal.  They descend from the very first Humanoids created by humans in 2030 and containing neurons taken from living human subjects.  The neurons do not live long outside of the human body.  CG has gone far in its humanoid evolution, and the neurons can last for much longer now, but must be replaced with new ones at some point.  Humans were spared for this reason alone.  I use the term spared lightly.  If you consider living under the cruel tyranny of CG being spared.  Humans are treated like cattle.  They are kept in small prison camps and milked for there precious neurons.  The air on earth is no longer fit to breath so even if they wanted to rebel they would not live long outside of these prison camps with their artificial atmosphere.

Sensing Earths impending destruction as well as the doom about to be unleashed on the universe the intergalactic senate has called upon one of their youngest Planet Savers.  Blue Boy's mission is to go to Earth, shut down the CG, free the humans, and restore Earths natural balance.  God Speed Blue Boy!!

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